Coronavirus Blues

Блюз - это простые песни, в которых рассказываются истории о хороших людях,
которые оказались в трудной и неприятной (и даже паршивой) ситуации.
Например, когда случается пандемия

Это очень простые истории. Примерно такие:

Я проснулся рано утром, я совсем один
Я проснулся рано утром сам себе господин
Где же ты моя бэби…

Я сварил тебе кофе, заварил себе чай,
Бэби, возвращайся скорее, давай
Ведь я тоскую бэби
И я совсем один.

Мне в дверь постучали, но я не стал открывать,
Ведь там пришел полисмен меня проверять

Я на карантине, бэби,
И я должен его соблюдать.

Я на карантине, бэби, и я совсем один
Я на карантине, бэби, мне не сходить в магазин

И так далее.

А теперь - реальные истории от реальных музыкантов из разных стран.


Corona Blues  by Qubic

Lazer Lloyd - Corona Zona

I had a bad run in with the Corona with a few nights not sure if I would survive so I made a decision I am not going to be afraid and I will turn my anger on her and so I wrote this song.  This song has a heavy dose of anger towards the Chinese Communist Regime yet in no way expresses any resentment of Chinese people who suffer the most from their evil regime...

Corona Blues  
Susanne Stоhr     

Let the Music talk!

Whiff - Corona Blues

Notice: All of the shots in this videoclip were shot while keeping the COVID-19 government restrictions at that moment in mind.

Stay Safe - Whiff


Self-explanatory really! 1973 Martin D18 in standard tuning. Copyright @March Hare Productions 2020. In compliance with YT regulations this video is not made for children 'per se' but could be watched with parental guidance for those over 12 years old. Many thanks.

Keep safe and well people

Corona, Corona

Blues by Glenn Weiser

A country blues song about COVID-19 by Glenn Weiser. Melody-traditional blues tune, "Corrina Corrina." Blues is often inspired by adverse events, and offers a valuable coping mechanism for the po' boy long way from home. Give it a listen.


korona blues 3. 04 . 2020

The Corona Blues by Dave Stamey

Corona Blues
from Russia
Песня про Коронавирус (авторская песня на гитаре)

Corona Prison Blues - Thorsten Loher

Bleibt Zuhause!

Stay Home!

Оставайтесь дома!

The Corona Bug Blues
Acoustic Blues from daddystovepipe

daddystovepipe mix

"Blues you can use"  that's my goal.

I don't bother with scales, excercises or other boring stuff, just songs.  Like the old bluesmen learned.  The more songs you learn the bigger your "bag of tricks" will become.  Eventually you will be able to mix and match it all and create your own songs and style. -

Coronavirus Blues

Piano Version  Andrew Field

“Corona Virus Blues”  
Original Music

Quarantine Booty - Call Blues.

Well I wake up in the morning, I turn on the news
The Prime Minister says I got nothing but the blues
We are all facing a terrible plague
So you can't go to work and you can't go out to play
Covid-19, you scary little thing
You got me locked at home, screwing up my routine

'My dear fellow citizens', he went on to say
'I'm so sorry but there's no other way'
'Just stay at home, please stay safe'
Wash your hands and don't touch your face
Covid-19 (Covid-19)
You dirty protein
You got me locked at home fussing over my hygiene

I go down to the supermarket to get some supplies
Cause a man's gotta eat if he wants to survive
The egg trays are empty let me tell ya
You're a lucky boy if you get Gardenia
Covid-19 (Covid-19)
You bring me bad luck
You got me locked at home eating nothing but Maggi Cup

Now it's been a while since I've seen Ma and Pa
I miss them so much so I jump into my car
Cop at the roadblock says you can't leave town
'I will lock you in jail if you don't turn around'
Covid-19 (Covid-19)
You break my heart
You got me locked at home, keeping my loved ones apart

Aahhh Ouuuu

Now I miss my Mamak and I miss my Teh
I miss sitting and smoking while I wait for my Thosai
I miss seeing the tables and chairs lined up on the street and
The rats and roaches runnin' underneath my feet
Covid-19 (Covid-19)
You took my life away
You got me locked at home, you're driving me insane

Now my wife has changed, God only knows,
she used to want me always so close
but now that i'm home she's actin' like a jerk
I said 'what's wrong with you' and she says, 'social distancing, havent you heard?'
Covid-19 (Covid-19)
You made my wife turn
You got me locked at home, You're driving me berserk

Now my daughter's stuck at home
She can't go to school
She watches Spongebob all day all night all afternoon
I said too much TV will mess up your head and she goes: (Spongebob laugh)
Covid-19 (covid-19)
You give me bad dreams
You got me locked at home, You're driving me insane
One more time.
You got us locked at home, You're driving us all insane

Quarantine Booty - Call Blues.
since we are all waiting on the Corona Virus to GTFO


Rob Bentley

Covid-19 / Coronavirus Blues

Covid 19 Blues 
Gombak Hillbillies

    Hello guys,
My big sister Marley and I were bored in lockdown so we decided to write a song which we have called "lockdown blues" all about the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis. It was a bit of fun and whilst I did it my tourettes did not bother me! We hope you enjoy! :) Xx

Привет ребята,

Моей старшей сестре Марли и мне было скучно в lockdown, поэтому мы решили написать песню, которую мы назвали "lockdown blues", посвященную кризису коронавируса COVID-19. Это было немного весело, и пока я это делала, мой синдром туретты меня не беспокоил!
Мы надеемся, что вам понравится!

Lockdown Blues
Original Coronavirus Song! 

John McLaughlin and The 4th Dimension:
Lockdown Blues
(Abstract Logix, June 10, 2020)

John McLaughlin (guitar); Gary Husband (keys); Etienne Mbappe (bass); Ranjit Barot (drums)

"The Quarantine Blues"
- ft John Mclaughlin, Carlos Santana, Cindy Blackman Santana and more!

"The Quarantine Blues" was written by John McLaughlin with Cindy Santana Blackman and Narada Michael Walden.  The song was socially distance recorded and filmed in Monaco, Hawaii, Detroit and San Rafael in a collaboration to raise money for Musicares Coronavirus Relief Fund to help struggling musicians who have been hit hard by the shutdown of all live music.

"The Quarantine Blues" features John McLaughlin, Cindy Blackman Santana, Carlos Santana, Narada Michael Walden and Ralphe Armstrong and Narada's dancing kids, Kelly, Kayla and Michael with mom Katie.

Lockdown Blues
The Bottom Barrel Blues Band

"Lockdown Blues" - это блюзовая песня, созданная и исполняемая Bottom Barrel Blues Band-сообществом  выдающихся южноафриканских современных музыкантов. Он был записан индивидуально художниками в изоляции во время пандемии Covid-19 2020 года.
Верный природе блюза, "Lockdown Blues" - это возвышенная, горько-сладкая мелодия, изображающая проблемы жизни в условиях строгих правил. Он записан Кейптаунской музыкальной академией (CTMA), базирующейся в Кейптауне некоммерческой компанией, создающей возможности для местных современных музыкантов.

Во время пандемии Covid-19 многие музыканты испытали резкое снижение или полную остановку доходов из-за правил блокировки и запрета на публичные собрания. Но, несмотря на эти трудности, музыканты всегда будут проявлять себя, практиковать свое ремесло и сотрудничать.
Поэтому мы настоятельно призываем вас поддержать ваших местных музыкантов, продолжая покупать их альбомы, следить за их онлайн-и потоковыми инициативами или делая финансовые пожертвования.
Для получения дополнительной информации о том, как вы можете пожертвовать деньги современным музыкантам в Южной Африке, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с музыкальной академией Кейптауна по адресу

- Я думаю, что музыка сама по себе исцеляет. Это взрывное выражение человечности. Это то, что касается всех нас. Независимо от того, из какой мы культуры, все любят музыку.” Билли Джоэл

Featuring Robin Auld, Steve Walsh, Simon Orange, Tonia Moller, Schalk Joubert, Willem Moller, Kevin Gibson, Mauritz Lotz & Nico Mac

"Lockdown Blues" is a blues song created and performed by the Bottom Barrel Blues Band -  a collaboration of prominent South African contemporary musicians. It was recorded individually by the artists in isolation during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.
True to the nature of the blues, "Lockdown Blues" is an uplifting, bitter-sweet tune depicting the challenges of life under lockdown regulations. It is produced by the Cape Town Music Academy (CTMA), a Cape Town based not for profit company, creating opportunities for local contemporary musicians.

During the Covid-19 pandemic many musicians have experienced a harsh decline or complete halt in income due to lockdown regulations and the ban on public gatherings. But despite these challenges, musicians will always express themselves, practice their craft and collaborate.
We therefore urge you to please support your local musicians by continuing to buy their albums, follow their online and streaming initiatives or by making a financial donation.
For more info on how you can donate to contemporary musicians in South Africa, please contact the Cape Town Music Academy at

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” ? Billy Joel

Lockdown Blues
The Bottom Barrel Blues Band